Dove Internet | Why Moving to WordPress is the Best Option for Your Website
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Why Moving to WordPress is the Best Option for Your Website

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Why Moving to WordPress is the Best Option for Your Website

There are a lot of good reasons why all kinds of businesses should consider using WordPress to run their websites, with well over 60 million websites around the world and some of the biggest brands and industries already reliant on WordPress.

The ease of accessibility, the wide range of useful functions and constant updates and improvement means, with WordPress, your website can keep evolving and moving with the times.

Here are a few of the specific reasons why moving your website to WordPress might be the best option for your business.

WordPress Plug-Ins

With WordPress, you can add site maps, member forums, shopping carts and even photo or video galleries. While other systems offer plug-in functionality too, WordPress simply does it better than anyone else.

There is also the searchable plug-in directory which you can install with one click, giving you practically instant access to all the plug-ins at your disposal. Your company’s own developers can also add their own code to WordPress to uniquely customise your website.

CMS & Customisable Themes

The backend of WordPress is extremely user friendly and constantly being updated and improved. The content management system (CMS) makes managing your website easy and intuitive.

WordPress’ theme-editing options are a great bonus as well, allowing you to download and customise themes and edit your website’s appearance without changing the content itself.

With WordPress, you don’t need to hire web designers to do it for you as you can update and redesign your website by yourself, which will potentially save your business money.

Add a Blog to Your Website

Blogging continues to increase in importance, especially for SEO purposes. A blog also allows you to promote certain content, services or products across a wide range of social media platforms.

WordPress makes it easy to add a blog to your website

WordPress is SEO-Friendly

Google itself has declared WordPress a ‘great choice’ for businesses looking to increase their Search Engine Optimisation.

The way WordPress websites are laid out along with its simple links and permalinks works well with Google’s search engine protocols.

Even when changes are made, the simplicity of WordPress keeps it scoring high by getting all the basics right, which a surprising amount of websites fail to do.

WordPress Security & Technical Support

Security for WordPress is another element that is constantly being upgraded. The great thing about that is you will be provided with a one click option to update your security features when they are available, in the same way as new functions and plug-ins.

The company that looks after WordPress and ensures the updates are up to date, is Automattic, which is well-known for its brilliant code-writing and open source programming.

Being dedicated to security and providing on-going support, WordPress often holds educational conferences so businesses can get the absolute best out of the WordPress experience.

This website publishing platform is simple to install on Windows or Linux with a five-minute installation, while the HTML and CSS rendering of the WordPress pages means that smartphones like iPhone, Android and Blackberry can all show your website’s pages without any issues.

WordPress will also allow your company to grow as expansions, upgrades and customisable new features are always ensuring WordPress stays ahead of the game.

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