Dove Internet | Why updating your website is the best thing you can do to improve overall security
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Why updating your website is the best thing you can do to improve overall security

website security

Why updating your website is the best thing you can do to improve overall security

Keeping your website up to date for security purposes is one of the most important tasks for a website admin. Threats and exploits are constantly evolving and improving, so business computer networks need to constantly evolve and improve too.

Keep Your Website Updated

It is paramount that you ensure all the very latest critical and security updates have been installed, as well as any other new patches that are available.

Always patch your servers as soon as possible, and remember to ensure all the correct security updates are applied to any software being used with your servers, not just your operating system itself.

You should also patch your end user computers as well as your servers.

Always be 100% certain that there are no weak points where an exploit can gain access despite otherwise good security.

General Security Measures

Restricting privileges might not be popular among the rank and file employees, but it’s a worthwhile security measure which all businesses should employ.

Allow only sufficient privileges for each employee to perform their requisite tasks, and certainly do not allow multiple admin accesses.

Monitor password use and ensure that complex passwords are always used, using jumbled words and numbers and ideally some random punctuation marks.

You must also make sure employees are not storing passwords in their browsers, and that is an easily exploited source.

Your web browsers should always be up to date, with the very latest version installed.

These updates can sometimes be a pain to keep on top of, but there is good reason why they have been updated and it is often for security purposes.

Downloading and installing software should only happen when you are absolutely certain it is safe.

Other general measures include blocking websites known for phishing, and any other websites that can contain malware.

Anti-Virus Software

It is better to use a variety of different anti-virus programs as some are better at some things, while others are better at others.

Using multiple anti-virus engines will get you the best protection, as the weakness of one will be compensated by the strength of another.

One of the anti-virus programs you should be able to scan HTTPS-encrypted websites, which is where a lot of malware gets disguised to hide from less capable virus scanning software.

For a firewall, you will want one of the very latest available, and one that can perform Deep Packet Inspection so you can scan every download at the perimeter before it gets a chance to infect your machines.

Back-Up Your Data 

Always back-up your important data regularly and ensure you have a clean restore point, which is a clean and stored representation of your system files.

This will allow you to start over should you get infected or discover an exploit.

Education is also crucial in the fight against exploits.

Rarely will an employee intentionally harm their work’s network via their online activity, but if they don’t know the dangers then it’s possible they may compromise your network by not taking your caution seriously.

Having your employees participate in the task of keeping everything updated with the latest security features is a good way of keeping everyone on board with the security detail, as they will be a part of its implementation rather than just being told that they can’t do this or can’t do that.

As the hackers become increasingly more sophisticated, so does the need to regularly update your website to help improve the overall security of, not just your website, but also your business.

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