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Responsive or mobile friendly web design is essential for modern day websites

Responsive Web Design

Responsive or mobile friendly web design is essential for modern day websites

Having a mobile friendly web design is no longer just an attractive bonus that you should get around to at some point in the future, but an essential element of modern day ecommerce that no business with an online presence should be without.


Mobile Internet Access Increases

More and more people are accessing the internet via their smart phones, mobiles and tablets, and this growth has actually surpassed that of businesses converting their websites into a mobile friendly design.

There are still a huge amount of ecommerce companies that haven’t upgraded their websites to a design that allows their customer base to interact with the website via their phones and tablets.

It’s a missed trick, and one you should not allow your own business to miss.


Internet Access Statistics

The statistics back up this emerging dominance of mobile devices beyond any doubt.

Mobiles have already overtaken desktop computers as the device most used to access the internet. It is a global phenomenon, with the usage of mobiles set to continue increasing year after year.

Also consider that there are well over a billion smart-phones in use around the world, and around four billion mobile devices in total.

Already, over half of all local internet searches are carried out on a mobile device, and again that percentage is only going to rise.


Most Mobile Internet Browsing is From Home

It’s not just people on the move who are using their mobile devices either.

A survey conducted by Nielson and Yahoo back in 2011 revealed that 86% of mobile users are using their devices to browse the internet while watching television.

And that was three years ago.

It’s clear that as mobile devices continue to increase the margin by which they are the number one device to access the internet by, it grows increasingly important for businesses, especially ecommerce businesses, to invest in a mobile friendly web design.


How a Mobile Friendly Website Can Grow Your Business

A website being mobile friendly means that clients and customers can interact with the website via their touch-screen smart phones and tablets.

The pages will also be resized and designed to fit the smaller screens.

Making purchases from an online retail business, placing orders or searching for services can all happen from a mobile device at the touch of a button or the flick of a finger.


Social Media Benefits of Mobile Friendly Websites

Most businesses are also developing their social media platforms, so it’s interesting to note that well over a third (soon to be half) of Facebook users are accessing the site via the Facebook Mobile app.

With Facebook having well over a billion users, the numbers are far too big to ignore if your business has any ambition for an online presence.

The amount of Twitter users alone is roughly 300 million, with around half of those using the Twitter Mobile app.

And remember, these numbers are probably out of date by the time you read this as they are growing every day. The exact numbers aren’t important though, as we already know the incredible depth and breadth of mobile internet use.

A modern day business just cannot afford to miss out on the opportunity of potentially massive expansion that mobile friendly web design will provide their business.

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