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Quickly check your website SEO status

Check your website SEO

Quickly check your website SEO status

So you have a website and at the back of your mind, you know that your site’s SEO is not up to scratch. What do you do without spending a small fortune on SEO optimisation?

Begin by using one of many SEO online checkers on the Internet. One of our favourite is Simply type in your domain website URL and it will produce a checklist of common SEO issues.

BBC SEO Site Checkup

The result of the website SEO check gives you an indication and suggestions on how to improve your SEO issues. For example, the title, description, keyword usage and so on.

Further down the results page, there is a neat section on speed optimisations. This checks things like how fast does your website load, whether your site has page cache enabled and other helpful tips to improve loading times.

The server and security section looks at some basic security settings for your website. It also prompts you if your website has been compromised and has been infected with malware.

Finally there is a section on how well your social media activity is for your website.

BBC screenshot social media

SEO site checkup is well worth checking out. Only takes a few minutes to compile a SEO report on your website and gives you plenty of hints and tips on improving your SEO ranking. Plus the basic version is free to use. What are you waiting for?

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