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Getting started with Google Analytics

Getting started with Google Analytics

Login to Google Analytics
Create or login to your Google Analytics account.

Setup a new Admin account



Make a note of the tracking code


screencapture-www-google-com-analytics-web (2)


Now insert the tracking code into your website.
If you use a content management system (CMS) platform like WordPress, Joomla, Blogger or Tumblr, you only need to insert this tracking code once. WordPress and Joomla have many plugins and extensions to insert this tracking code in for you. If you have a custom built website, you will need to enter the tracking code into each page manually.

Once you have connected your website using the tracking code, click on the reporting link at the top. This will be bring you into the main reporting dashboard. This summary is easily customisable to show whichever reports you decide to view.

Google Analytics.png dashboard

That’s the basics of Google Analytics. Put aside some time to delve into this powerful web statistical free tool. It will assist you in understanding where your website visitors are coming from, what pages are they visiting and whether a marketing campaign has been successful. Enjoy!



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