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How to convert website traffic to leads/sales

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How to convert website traffic to leads/sales

How to convert website traffic to leads/sales

The importance of generating heavy and consistent traffic to a website has long been established. Although how many times have you personally visited a site, scanned round it for a minute or two, only to then swiftly depart? Of course increasing website traffic is important but equally as important is converting traffic into leads.


Whether it’s visitors filling out a contact us form, ordering a product, registering for a webinar or subscribing to a newsletter, high conversion rates are the ultimate aim of digital marketing and website ownership.

The good news is that with not too much effort or specialist knowledge you can convert website traffic into sales and leads.

Here’s how.

Make calls to action relevant

As its name suggest a call to action (CTA) encourages visitors to take action and, most importantly, helps convert leads into customers. This is because when a visitor clicks on a call to action they are typically redirected to a landing page with a form to fill out or product to buy – the lead or sale is almost accomplished.

Similar to how people are unlikely to read an article or a blog with a dull and uninspiring headline, lacklustre call to actions are likely to put people off your site, let alone encourage them to click though to another page.

First and foremost your call to actions should be easy to locate and visually encouraging to click on. As one digital marketing analyst advises, CTAs should also be concise, to the point and use “actionable language”, such as ‘Register for this great offer today’.

The strategic position of CTAs

As well as the words, size and colour of the CTA, their location is also important. Why confine call to actions to just the homepage when having one on every page will mean people are more likely to click on it?

Place a concisely-worded, persuasive – without being too pushy – and eye-catching CTA on every page will help convert website traffic into leads and sales.

Another good trick is to place a testimonial next to a call to action. A customer’s five star review of your services or products could be just what is needed to give potential customers the push they need.

Promote special offers on your site

Special Offers for your websiteIt’s difficult to resist a special offer as it makes us feel like we’re getting a ‘good deal’. Whether it’s giving a ten percent discount to a first time buyer or receiving a free gift if a visitor gets a friend or family to sign up, heavily promoting special offers on a site can help convert visitors into leads.

Analysing what your visitors need

According to ConversionXL:

“Serious gains in conversions don’t come from psychological trickery, but from analysing what your customers really need, the language that resonates with them and how they want to buy it. It’s about relevancy and perceived value of the total offer.”

As with any form of marketing, it is important to understand who your target audience is and how to reach out to them. This can be done by analysing and understanding your customers and their needs. Create content and blogs that ‘talks their language’ and resonates with them, compelling them, not only to stay on your site and learn more about you, but to buy your products and services.


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